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    Ted Ciuba

    America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant

    How An Addiction Gone Bad Led To Cracking The Big Ticket Code

    Ted Ciuba, America's foremost internet marketing consultant and "The Big Ticket Guy," made his first money online in 1994, and went on to form World Internet Summit, the largest and the longest running entrepreneurial internet marketing training organization in the world. He’s authored 40+ books, including two bestsellers.

    The book that relates directly to big ticket sales is, Cracking The Big Ticket Code. Click here to download a FREE copy of that remarkable book. (Sells for $17.95 on Amazon.)

    He knows from the trenches of his own business and of thousands of clients worldwide what’s working at this moment and what’s not.

    He grew up in as normal a middle class family as there could be with 7 kids on a farm...

    A normal young man, without privilege, he went to Midwestern State University, graduated, got a job with a tobacco company, got married, ​and had two children.

    Go back to the 1980’s and Ted had a successful sales career going… The kind that the company gives you leads in…

    So when he started looking to mail order (pre-internet), he couldn’t make it work. He made several runs at it, one time nearly breaking even on ad cost.

    Finally, in the dawning days of the commercial internet, he cracked the code.

    As Ted tells it…

    "What I was doing wasn’t working. but I clearly saw that it was working for some people, such as Joe Karbo and Ken Roberts, who were everywhere.

    "So I paid a lot of money I didn’t have to some of the largest entrepreneurial marketers of the time, including Ted Nicholas and Jay Abraham, and they taught me about “2-step marketing,” which involved first generating a qualified lead, and then selling them.“

    "At first, I didn’t believe it would work.

    "So, with misgivings, I began…

    "Then, lo and behold! People started requesting information - a special report, audio, or video (today we present that information with webinars). And they began buying! My first month, November 1994, I sold a $97 course. My second month I sold $1,888 worth, and I was off and running! I was shortly earning $10,000 a month.

    "Then some other things began happening that I’d never anticipated. With success, my influence and credibility shot through the roof! People of power, money, fame, and influence began calling me and asking me to speak! Then came bigger invites and bigger opportunities, until I was earning $100,000 most months.

    "Then, in 2001, I launched World Internet Summit, and was earning $4.3 million a year.”

    He helped 47,000 internet marketers to achieve success during those years......​

    And he began investing in real estate in the Nashville, Tennessee area, buying 106 different single family homes in a short period of years…

    There were some major upsets lurking around the corner...

    Those were good years for Ted, but some major upsets where lurking around the corner… The perfect storm was brewing in Ted’s life… Years of crazy amounts of easy money had led to too much good life and excessive drinking…

    He was heavily invested in the two industries that were most impacted by the Great American Recession that began in 2008.

    The seminar business stopped overnight- and so did most of his income. His real estate business was built with a lot of leverage, and when tenants couldn’t pay en masse, and the underlying payments continued, he began selling properties in the worst market Tennessee’s ever known… The real estate market braked to a standstill over a few months.

    Alone, battered, and hurting, he took his chips and moved to the friendly country of Panamá to lick his wounds… He retired from active business, and found himself drinking on a daily basis… Things are getting worse, not better.

    Predictably, this abuse robbed him of his vision, confidence, and energy. It couldn’t last long, but it lasted long enough that Ted got hit with seven health maladies that threatened his life.

    Finally, on 4 June 2012, he meekly put the bottle back on the shelf and has never had a drop again. That moment was the beginning of his recovery and reconstruction.

    A few years later, renewed and restored, full of energy again, he moved back to the United States and decided to enter the internet marketing arena again.

    Though he was only out of the game 8 1/2 years, he promptly discovered the new marketing requires an incredible set of highly specialized technical skills to be successful. He likes to say that setting up, running, and tweaking a successful internet campaign today is “as simple as landing a man on the moon.

    Acquiring the skills, abilities, and resources to pull it together is a complicated, time-consuming, and potentially lethally expensive project.

    It was then Ted realized the normal person doesn’t have a chance in internet marketing as it is today… That’s why so few solopreneurs are good at it - they just don’t have the capacity to perform their own niche and be expert, dedicated internet marketers.

    And that economy is fully integrated with the offline economy today. As a for instance, ever heard of the Yellow Pages? Today that’s been supplanted totally by Facebook and Google Adwords, even if one is delivering a local, physical service, such as kitchen remodeling, dentistry, or chiropractic treatments…

    With that Ted began the next phase of his career, "helping others helping others," helping coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and service-based business owners setup online lead generation and closing systems so you make an impact with your message, product, or service; get more qualified, eager leads; close more high-paying clients; amplify your cash flows and increase profitability; reduce your workload; and build a scalable, sellable business in a predictable down to the dollar and day way so you enjoy the freedom, security, and lifestyle you've always wanted.

    His services cut through the clutter of the hyper technology, the dozens of required expertises, and the myriads of impossibly confusing, mind-numbing details, zipping the time to productivity into weeks, instead of potentially years - or, even worse, AND more likely, getting completely lost and never pulling it off.

    That’s not to mention the extravagant expense of setting it up and the more costly effort of running ads that don’t work and can’t be measured and improved.

    It's a quantum acceleration program focusing not on incremental gains, but on instantaneous quantum income leaps. Ted's clients ROI within 30 days, not, as when one buys a franchise, within years...

    What you need are qualified, eager, pre-sold leads clamoring for your Big Ticket offer, without all the complicated stuff getting leads requires in today’s online economy.

    That’s what Ted & company offers you today.

    If you're interested in conversing on YOUR opportunities in the Big Ticket arena, Ted's currently waiving his $497 fee for readers of this report.

    If you've been waiting for a personal invitation from Ted, here it is...

    I’d like to continue this conversation with you, and I have a free gift for you…

    I’m herewith inviting you to our “Big Ticket Strategy Session” - for free. ~It’s a 45 minute session with a regular $497 value, and...

    1. I’ll take you through the Big Ticket Setup, so you understand the components… So we clarify any points that are still unclear for you.

    But more importantly we’ll have a visioning conversation where we learn about your desires, goals, and vision, and the challenges that have got you stuck.

    2. Then, if we can help, I’m going to help you create a plan or path to get there.

    3. And if there’s a fit for us to work together, I’d like to talk to you about that, too.

    And if there’s not, that’s cool too, we’ll develop a relationship and there will surely be other ways we can serve one another somewhere down the road.

    Summary: No matter what, you’ll leave this session with new levels of focus, clarity, drive and ability to turn your business into a highly profitable, predictable, revenue-generating machine that practically runs itself.

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