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It is belief that triggers the self-fulfilling prophecy

It is belief that triggers the self-fulfilling prophecy.The question is not about the effects of belief…The question is about will you harness the power of belief to act and achieve, or will you allow self-doubts and insecurities (lack of belief) to fail and remain in mediocrity.The thing that holds most people back is distinctly NOT […]

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Message From Your Future

Today we’ve got a special guest for you, 2018. Listen closely, he has a very important message for you… Hi, I’m the year 2018…Today, as you read this, you’re halfway through the year 2018.I invite you now to come along with me on a mental excursion to the end of 2018…Ready? Let’s go!It’s now morning […]

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What alligator are you solving?

What alligator are you solving?Are you solving a BIG problem?People buy solutions to problems. If they could get there themselves, they would, but they don’t know how to fight and win over the alligator.

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