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Message From Your Future

Today we’ve got a special guest for you, 2018. Listen closely, he has a very important message for you…

Hi, I’m the year 2018…

Today, as you read this, you’re halfway through the year 2018.

I invite you now to come along with me on a mental excursion to the end of 2018…

Ready? Let’s go!

It’s now morning of the last day of the year, December 31st.

Some are celebrating a record year…

Many more are in a subliminal state of mourning…

This group, by far the larger group, is choking on heartbreak, frustration, and more dismal times ahead, faced with the same shrinking cubicle, office politics, and minor league pay as the new year repeats just like the last year….

So many missed opportunities! Another year of disappointments. And time keeps slipping away

They had all the time in the world – 12 months, 365 days – to turn things around and make their dreams come true.

Their heart heaves when they do let their thoughts recognize how they’ve let their spouse, their kids, and themselves down.

But tonight they’ll numb down and drown out the pain in the festivities, kidding themselves they’re having a good time.

Few can see it just now, but they are hemorrhaging internally.

The other group had the same amount of time, no more, but they acted on the opportunities placed in front of them.

One of them bought his wife a $2,500 necklace for Christmas, and melted her heart.

Another took the whole family - wife, 3 kids, and grandmother - to tropical Cartagena, to enjoy a week of vacation like they’ve never known before. So many good times… Memories to last a lifetime!

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Okay… Come back with me to the present, to today

This is Ted, taking the mic again…

Thank you, 2018, for your visions of the future…

Reader, I encourage you to take this pivotal weekend to consider where you are, what you can do, and, most importantly, to take the first action to get 2018 – and the rest of your life - on track.

The fortunate thing is, though the year is half way played out, it’s not too late right now…

In big ticket coaching and consulting a single idea well executed, a single offer, a single advertising campaign, or a single webinar can make you a generous 6 or 7 figure income in a matter of months…

You still have time to plant your flag, begin from exactly where you are, and make 2018 the very best year of your life!

You won’t have to work harder or longer, but you do have to get your stuff together, bite the bullet, and work smarter.

I’m giving you a free book and free training that can make it happen.

In big ticket coaching and consulting a single idea well executed, a single offer, a single advertising campaign, or a single webinar can make you a generous 6 or 7 figure income in a matter of months…

The secret to making big income quickly is in deploying leverage

And there is a caution… It doesn’t matter how long you work, if you’re doing the wrong things…

You can discover and apply those secrets by decoding the mysterious “3-2-7 Blueprint” revealed in this book.

Cracking the code allows you to leverage yourself in every way.

I invite you to crack the big ticket code for yourself.

Enter the 2nd half of 2018 on the right foot. Make a difference. Be your greater self.

Enjoy the freedom, security, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Download your free book – free for a limited time – and make it happen.

Go to

Yeah for making 2018 count!

P.S. The free book, “Cracking The Big Ticket Code,” is a quick, easy, 59 page read – but it’s the first leveraged event you can do to get your 2018 back on track.

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Ted Ciuba, "The Big Ticket Guy," 2x best-selling author, & founder of World Internet Summit, helps coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, & service-based business owners crack the big ticket code, crafting a big ticket offer and setting up an automated online marketing system so they generate consistent, predictable, scalable leads, sales, and profits; make an impact with their message, product, or service; and enjoy the freedom, security, and lifestyle they've always wanted.

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