What Alligator Are You Solving? | Big Ticket Setup

What alligator are you solving?

What alligator are you solving?

Are you solving a BIG problem?

People buy solutions to problems.

If they could get there themselves, they would, but they don’t know how to fight and win over the alligator.


That alligator is the problem that is keeping your prospect from having the better life your solution provides.

People go to specialists to get their problem solved, because they know you know how.

The basis of Big Ticket success is identifying the problem you are solving… The bigger the better.

And, without you, they will never get past the alligator… That’s why, though YOU know how to win over the alligator, you magnify the problem…

That’s what motivates them to take action, and enjoy the freedom, security, and lifestyle they envision and desire.

Go ahead, put your Crocodile Dundee pants on… Be a good gal or guy.


  • People buy solutions to problems
  • Lead with the problem in your sales materials
  • Magnify the problem to stimulate action (a buying decision)
  • Which means you improve their lives

About the Author Ted Ciuba

Ted Ciuba, "The Big Ticket Guy," 2x best-selling author, & founder of World Internet Summit, helps coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, & service-based business owners crack the big ticket code, crafting a big ticket offer and setting up an automated online marketing system so they generate consistent, predictable, scalable leads, sales, and profits; make an impact with their message, product, or service; and enjoy the freedom, security, and lifestyle they've always wanted.

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